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Quick Flush

When your working on web development projects, every second is precious. This Magento extension will help you make the most of that time.
Quick Flush adds easily accessible buttons to the header of you admin panel. These buttons let you quickly and easily refresh and flush the cache.
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Simple Dashboard

It is no secret that monitoring sales and revenue pipelines is one of the keys to transparent operational management. This has been one of the hallmarks of the software offered by Magento and in the next step forward, a new product known as the Simple Dashboard has made determining KPI totals and trends even easier than before.


Predefined messages

In the world of client relations management, an informative and speedy response is akin to a response which will address the questions of the customer and keep him or her loyal to the company. With this extension client relations management is made easy.

Automatic Coupon Mailer

Magento has thousands of apps and extensions that help to enhance online shopping experience and drive more traffic to one’s website or online store. One of the most attractive extensions is the automatic coupon mailer. Coupons have always been effective tools for business. Customers like to save money using them. This in turn drives them back to avail more such shopping experiences. The company thereby benefits from more traffic to their website and boost in sales.